A Multifamily Real Estate

Investment Firm

Delta Bridge Capital LLC

Invests in multifamily projects nationwide.  Our focus is on value-add opportunities in growing and emerging markets.


All of our investments are made in existing cash-flowing properties where we can reposition and provide more effective management practices that significantly improve the asset value.  We help accredited and sophisticated investors achieve higher returns, regular cash flow, and capital preservation through real estate assets.

Why Invest In Multifamily Properties?


Cash flows 

Annual rental agreements provide a greater degree of certainty on revenue expectations.

Higher Returns on a

Risk-Adjusted Basis

Over the past twenty-five years, multifamily has returned more than other real estate asset classes and the stock market per unit of risk.

Solid Fundamentals

Declining homeownership, reduced household size and formation, income stagnation, downsizing baby boomers, and a supply shortage are a few critical growth drivers.  

What We Look for in Markets

Population Growth

Rent Growth

Employment Growth

Pricing Trends

Passive investing is a no-brainer for busy professionals!

True wealth is not developed through linear increases of income; moreover, it is built by your money working for you at compounding rates.  Passive investments in multifamily real estate allow you to leverage our skills, expertise and put your money to work so you can focus on what matters to you most.

What We Look for in Multifamily Assets

"The intrinsic value of a property is not in the bricks and mortar used to build it, the value is in the cash flows and the inherent risk of those cash flows."            -Dion Huey

There are a number of variables we consider when assessing the viability of an investment for our investors but first and foremost, preservation of capital is at the top of the list.  Second, we want a solid history of property-level rent growth.  Third, there must be significant upside in the rent delta where our team can make minor improvements, add community amenities, or implement new property management and systems to reduce costs and increase resident satisfaction.  Last, we must have a reasonable handle and control over deal-specific risk.  We only consider opportunities that meet these base standards.


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